CIMS Advanced by GBAC, offers a certification for cleaning service providers, which requires such companies to have many of the same policies and procedures in place to be a well-managed organization. This includes one comprehensive certification for quality-driven building service contractors and in-house cleaning organizations that strive to maintain hygienic environments for the benefit of building occupants.

  • Assists cleaning organizations in thoroughly understanding the customer’s service requirements.
  • Encourages service providers to manage their organization in a manner that is predicated on ensuring quality, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Helps facility service professionals create and implement a management system that allows an organization to meet those goals.
  • In essence, the Standard should be thought of as a management framework that can be used to develop customer-centered, quality organizations.


The ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard advanced by GBAC, describes the procedures and principles to be considered in designing and implementing quality management programs for cleaning organizations. This Standard applies, without respect to the size of the organization, both to cleaning organizations that self-perform cleaning and to cleaning contractors.

What is the CIMS certification process

Step 1
Commit to achieve CIMS and speak with a CIMS Account Executive to define your price & timeline.

Step 2
Fill out your complete application and provide a non-refundable deposit.

Step 3
Complete your payment for a non-refundable 50% deposit toward your assessment and receive notification of your assessor.

Step 4
Scheduled your assessment and begin review of your documentation.

Step 5
Assessment is completed, and your assessor sends approval notification to ISSA.

Step 6
Receive CIMS certification and begin communication plan with your stakeholders.

How long does the certification last?

An organization applies for re-certification every two years.

Who determines certification?

Cleaning organizations are encouraged to have their systems and processes reviewed by an “assessor.” An assessor is an independent third-party that has earned accreditation by demonstrating that he/she can competently and independently verify that an organization meets the Standard’s requirements.

How much does the CIMS certification cost?

For questions and information, please contact a CIMS Account Executive at 1-800-225-4772 or [email protected].


CIMS Certification

The CIMS standard is the perfect guide in leading your organization in developing a process to win bids when competing for jobs.

Download the CIMS Standard

The CIMS Standard is designed to assist cleaning organizations in setting up a management system to meet its goals.