Certified Organizations

To achieve certification, an organization must undergo a comprehensive assessment and satisfactorily demonstrate compliance with the required percentage of CIMS elements. Specifically, an organization must meet 100 percent of the mandatory elements and 60 percent of the recommended elements, per section, to be certified.

All CIMS assessments are performed by an ISSA-accredited third-party assessor. The assessor reviews written documentation supporting compliance with the requirements described in CIMS’ five core sections and conducts a comprehensive on-site review of the applicant’s systems, processes, and documentation to ensure compliance. The assessor also visits individual customer accounts or locations to ensure that the organization’s activities are consistent with the documented systems and processes.

The following organizations have undergone an official CIMS assessment and have been certified to CIMS:

(GB = Green Building Certified)


CIMS Certification

The CIMS standard is the perfect guide in leading your organization in developing a process to win bids when competing for jobs.

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The CIMS Standard is designed to assist cleaning organizations in setting up a management system to meet its goals.