Certified Professionals

Certification Assessors

Assessors are accredited individuals who conduct comprehensive assessments of those cleaning organizations that have applied for certification under CIMS.

North America:

  • Cliff Beiser of Champions Touch (Orlando, FL)
  • Brent Bourne of Servitech Training Ltd. (Victoria, BC)
  • Neal Duffy of CleaningCorrect, Inc. (Auburn, NY)
  • Bill Fellows of William H. Fellows, (Madison, TN)
  • Shane Ferris of Ferris Group (Bolton, ON)
  • Bill Griffin of Cleaning Consultants (Seattle, WA)
  • Alfred Guaraldo of Guaraldo USA (Wilmington, DE)
  • Derek Oliveira of D.O. Consulting Services (Rosemère, QC)
  • Pat McClure of HLH Systems (Dublin, OH)
  • John Poole of John Poole Co. (Acworth, GA)
  • Bruce Stark of Stark Consulting Group (Loveland, CO)
  • David Swindle of CleanTek Institute (Riverbank, CA)
  • Lance Witschen of 1Class Consulting (White Bear Lake, MN)

Europe, Middle East and Africa:

  • Lynn Webster of LWC Ltd. (United Kingdom)
  • Lorraine Larman of Safety Solutions (United Kingdom)
  • Peter Gowers of Gowers Associates (United Kingdom)
  • Alessandro Musumeci of 10Consulting/Scuola Nazionale Servizi (Italy)
  • Cesare Grassi (Italy) of Scuola Nazionale Servizi
  • Enrico Chianesi (Italy) of MYECO/Scuola Nazionale Servizi
  • Gerardo de Pascual of Althea Management Solutions (Spain)
  • Javier Álvarez of Althea Management Solutions (Spain)
  • Joaquín Montesinos of Althea Management Solutions (Spain)
  • Tommy Tailor of T. Taylor Solutions Limited (United Kingdom)


Each accredited assessor is required to comply with a strict Code of Professional Conduct to avoid potential conflicts of interest and to maintain neutrality. For example, an assessor may not perform an assessment for an organization for which he or she has provided consulting services in the past.

Interested in Becoming An Official CIMS Assessor?

Individuals interested in attending a future CIMS Assessor Workshop and taking the accreditation examination should contact a CIMS Account Executive at 1-800-225-4772 or [email protected]

The fee for the CIMS Assessor workshop is US$1,995 per person (fee includes exam and assessor accreditation credential, which must be renewed on an annual basis).


CIMS Certification

The CIMS standard is the perfect guide in leading your organization in developing a process to win bids when competing for jobs.